The mission of RIITA is to propose an empirical research that tests, extends or builds business management theory and contributes to management practice. All empirical methods including qualitative, quantitative, fields, laboratory and combination methods and are welcome. In order to make strong experiential and theoretical contributions and highlight the significance of those contributions to the science and technology field as their particular discipline, level of analysis or national context.

       However, RIITA is also the conjunction with the academy of Robotics, Informatics, and Intelligence control Technology it hosts cooperation and co-laboratory between academic institutes in around the world such as United Kingdom: King’s College London, Italy: University of Leece, United State: University od Neveda Lasvegas, Thailand: Rajamangala University of Technology Thunyaburi and also Pathumwan Institute of Technology, ... Our commitment is to be ensure that our demonstrate academic science as rigor and integrity of our standard on these multidiscipline, has meet to our objectives and proving as a respected platform for scholarly and as such welcomes any organization on their interest to cooperate with us.

       Therefore, RIITA has also target to help to enrich the understanding platform both a macro and micro nature technology issues, and specializes in science and engineering by training management and course development for our institute members to improve an academic quality in difference institute 's levels such as Schools, Colleges, and Universities, where had already completed their Memory of Understanding (MOU) with RIITA in order to let our RIITA to be one of group to share our academic knowledge as Practical Training in our field, and also already proving to be a respected platform for scholarly endeavor and as such welcomes your interest.