Prof. K. R. Rao
Advisory Board of RIITA
Digital signal and image processing. Data compression, storage of audio and video techniques
Phone: +(817) 272-3478

Prof. Lakmal Seneviratne
Advisory Board of RIITA - Mechatronics
Mechatronics professional and engineer books, and English journals, etc
Phone: +(44) 20 7848 2236

Prof. Nicola Ivan Giannoccaro
President - Informatics and Innovation Technology,
Industrial professional and robotics books, and Italian journals
Phone: +(39) 08 3229 7813

Dr. Mongkorn Klingajay
Vice President - Robotics and Modern Embeded Control Technology
Phone: +(669) 4529 9265

Prof. Ogenyi Ejye Omar
Academic and Editor in Chief - Information Management and Marketing.
Proposals for Information Management and Marketing, etc
Phone: +(44) 790 002-6014

Assoc.Prof. Wenbin Luo
Journal and Conference Editor Director - Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Phone: +(210) 431-5002

Assoc.Prof. Somchai Prakanchareon
Research and Academic Cooperation Director - Computer Science and Information Technology
Phone: +(210) 431-5002

Dr. Suksun Hutangkabodee
Academic Training Assistance Director - Parameter identification and Prediction
Phone: +(44) 208 507 2743

Mr. Pinatra Mahatham
Training Executive Team Leader - Intelligent Control, Micro-Electronics
Phone: +(668) 5043 7474

Ms. Chutikarn Chayothai - Information Management
Academic and Research Director
Phone: +(662) 747 9063